Quick Tip: Grab a Website’s Favicon

This is a handy little trick to grab a favicon from a website. Often in client work, you’ll find yourself on a short deadline and maybe missing a few pieces of media.

I’ve ran into this a handful of times during a site rebuild or the creation of a microsite for a larger brand — you have all the pieces set and you realize you are missing the favicon. Your client-facing options are to email your point of contact, often times sparking a chain of internal emails to hit the original designer, who eventually gets the file back to you.

In the same way that some basic photoshop skills can you save the entire process days, this favicon grabbing trick can be pretty handy. Simply use this url pattern:


To be explicit, where I have www.example.com place the domain you are interested in retrieving the favicon from. You can drop the www. as well, assuming the domain allows it.

This process will take you to a standard image file url — like if you did a Google image search and clicked view image.

how to get a favicon from a webpage

Pretty handy, super easy — hope it helps!