WordPress Guy Is Going To Code School, Extra Extra


This is intended to be an open letter to friends, fambam, and clients. I will try to keep it short, while answering potential questions.

I am writing a blog post, crazy. I am also running my website on the default WordPress theme, boring.

Okay! I was accepted into the Flatiron School’s Web Development Immersive program. WooooOOOooOooo, I am pretty excited — I found out earlier today. The acceptance rate is low and we are within a week of when the program begins on November 1st, so this came as a bit of a surprise. Don don don…

I start saying cool a lot after this point to keep your interest and excitement levels high!

I will be learning Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, and more. Ruby is a programming language that is considered to be approachable and really pretty when you read it. I will be learning how to collect and manipulate information (data) and apply it under a variety of conditions. Cool! It is comparable to PHP which gives WordPress all the logic needed to operate.

JavaScript is anything on the web that visually makes you go whoa that is cool! JavaScript and WordPress or really any modern web platform work hand in hand.

SQL is a database, WordPress uses MySQL. It stores all your blog posts and images. Cool!

The program takes an approach to coding that mimics real life implementation and a strategy towards approaching programming that can be used to approach yet another programming language. Cool!

I will have to keep a blog while I am in school, I am guessing this will be it. So if you want to find out what I am up to, then come back here.

So friends, fambam, and clients this brings us to wow Saied I always knew that you were incredible but that is incredible.

WordPress Clients

Now that we are past that, we have arrived at ‘what about my favorite WordPress guy’. I have some solutions! Many of which are a plea for your patience.

The big take away here is I will not be replying to emails as quickly as I have in the past. If you have an emergency I will do everything I can to resolve it as quickly as possible.

The program will run until the end of April. Come May my schedule will loosen up. Until then if we have a maintenance package setup everything will operate as it has been.

I will most likely not be taking on new work until May. If you have a request please shoot it my way and if I can make it work on a weekend I will.

Alternatively, I have a friend who is 10 times better at this whole internet thing than I am. Well not like literally 10 times and I am taller than he is so… I will approach said gentleman this week and see if he is interested in helping with any miscellaneous tasks any of you may run into.

Saied, honestly I have no idea why you included me on this email… I don’t know, I’m celebrating.

Check this out: WP Help.Co, my website for monthly maintenance services.

That’s it! Have some questions. Worried?! Reach out to me!